Telehealth at Penn Therapy & Fitness

What is Telehealth?

Telehealth is a secure video conference that allows you to be treated by an expert therapist from the safety and comfort of your own home.  The telehealth program at Penn Therapy & Fitness allows patients and therapists to communicate face-to-face to provide patient-centered programs with real-time assessment, feedback and guidance to help you reach your goals.

How is telehealth performed at Penn Therapy & Fitness?

At Penn Therapy & Fitness, we use a secure, HIPAA-compliant online video application to connect with our patients. The platform, called BlueJeans, can be used on most smart phones, tablets and personal computers. If your doctor is a Penn Medicine provider, chances are they are using this application too!

Telehealth allows us to evaluate you, one-on-one in a secure virtual environment. From this evaluation, your therapist will be able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan, educate you on your functional deficits, and set you up with an effective home exercise program that can be safely performed in the comfort of your home.  Using BlueJeans, you can also schedule regular follow up visits with your therapist to ensure you are making progress towards your goals and safely and correctly performing your exercise program.

What are the benefits of telehealth?

  • Our therapists can evaluate your home-work set up to improve posture, reduce pain and prevent future injuries.
  • We are able to provide you with face-to-face continuous care, immediate relief and treatment, while adhering to social distancing.
  • Specialized therapists from all fields are available to assist you in diagnosing and treating conditions, including sports medicine/orthopedic ailments, neurological/balance deficits, vestibular and vertigo symptoms, pelvic floor dysfunction, lymphedema conditions and more.
  • Our therapists are experts in movement patterns and will take you through mechanical and functional screens to detect faulty patterns of motion that can be addressed with therapeutic interventions.
  • You will be provided a comprehensive home exercise program that can be emailed to you and demonstrated over our video service. This program will be continually updated to help address your concerns.
  • Penn Therapy & Fitness’ telehealth program offers safe, accessible care for post-operative patients who are unable to attend a live visit due to compromised immune systems and the threat of COVID-19.
  • Our therapy team is able to continue to educate patients on the Strength After Breast Cancer program to improve your strength, mobility and activity level post cancer.
  • Through telehealth technology, our lymphedema therapists are capable of evaluating and providing education to assist with decreasing the progression of the disease without you being in our office.
  • Our team of pelvic floor specialists are able to guide you through a series of safe post-partum interventional exercises to reduce risk for episodes of incontinence, pelvic pain and promote safe return to function.
  • This service allows for more frequent visits without the need to travel, allowing you to easily fit these visits into your busy schedule.

What do I need for my tele-health visits?

Once scheduled for a telehealth visit, our team will assist you in connecting with our therapists via the BlueJeans application, which can be easily downloaded to your phone, personal computer or other smart devices. Once downloaded, simply create an account and connect with your therapist.

Click here for BlueJeans patient instructions.

Therapy sessions should be performed in a quiet, well-lit room and you should wear comfortable clothing that will allow your therapist to evaluate your movement. If you need assistance, feel free to have a family member or friend sit in on the evaluation. We also recommend bringing an electronic blood pressure cuff into the room, if you own one.

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Please send a copy of your photo ID, insurance card, prescription and your patient summary form to 

How will you protect my privacy?

All of your telehealth visits will be conducted 1 on 1 with your therapist in a private room, just like you were in office. The therapist will be alone in a room during all telehealth visits and BlueJeans provides a safe, secure messaging system to protect your privacy and is compliant with all Federal and State regulations in protecting privacy.

Will my insurance cover these visits?

Due to COVID-19, insurance companies have been regularly updating their policies regarding telehealth visits. At this time, most insurance plans are covering telehealth visits. Our team of verification specialists will be able to let you know your coverage prior to scheduling an appointment.

To make a telehealth video visit appointment with a therapist, please call 1-877-969-7342.