Ekso Bionic Exoskeleton Outpatient Rehabilitation

Patients with lower-extremity weakness or paralysis can require some challenging physical rehabilitation and fitness programs. That’s why, at Penn Therapy & Fitness, we’re doing everything we can to make the road ahead less taxing through the use of state-of-the-art medicine and technology.

Penn Therapy & Fitness therapists can incorporate Ekso rehabilitation services to manage conditions including (but not limited to):

  • Lower extremity paralysis
  • Lower extremity weakness

Our Ekso bionic exoskeleton therapy program allows patients with lower extremely paralysis to stand and walk as part of their recovery strategy. Ekso’s combination of motors and sensors, along with a patient’s efforts to maintain proper balance and body positioning, allow the user to walk. The device is adjustable to fit people weighing 220 pounds or less, and between 5’2”and 6’2”.

The smooth, natural gait produced by users walking in an Ekso really makes this technology stand apart from other devices--the battery-powered, on-board computer commands motors at the hip and knee joints to move the legs. Ekso provides unprecedented knee mobility, and offers a variety of benefits – the simple act of getting patients up and moving can help alleviate stress and other problems associated with long-term immobility.

Learn more about how our exciting Ekso therapy can work for you at Penn Therapy & Fitness Rittenhouse. For more information, call 215.893.2500.