Speech Therapy

Injury or illness that impacts your speech can be frustrating—it can limit your ability to communicate comfortably, but also point to issues with swallowing or even other medical conditions.

The role of the speech-language pathologist (SLP) includes assessment and treatment of all aspects of communication, as well as determining how communication might be impacted by deficits in memory, attention, reasoning, and organization skills. The SLP is also responsible for assessment and treatment of swallowing disorders, known as dysphagia. Patient and family training/counseling are also provided.

Conditions Treated With Speech Therapy

Services may include an initial consultation and education on normal speech and swallowing, as well as potential treatment-related changes. Our treatment plans are based on the latest research and individualized for each patient. At Penn Therapy & Fitness, our speech pathologists use innovative techniques to help you achieve the highest level of functional independence and cope with the changes that affect your ability to communicate clearly.

Penn Therapy & Fitness Locations Offering Speech Therapy

For more information or to request an appointment with one of our speech-language pathologists, please call 877-969-7342 or request an appointment online.