Injuries and illnesses impacting the brain can be challenging—and frightening—to overcome. Your neurorehabilitation journey may require a combination of physical, occupational and speech therapies. At Penn Therapy & Fitness, we are often just one part of your medical team. We will work with your entire care team to create a plan tailored to your individual needs during recovery from illness or injury. Your life—and everything you need to do to get back to it—deserves Penn Therapy & Fitness.

Penn Therapy & Fitness therapists work with patients living with a brain injury or other neurologic disorders to restore them to their highest possible level of cognitive and physical function. Our therapists also work closely with Penn Neurology and The Penn Parkinson Disease and Movement Disorders Center (PD&MDC) to integrate rehabilitation plans that stay within the Penn Medicine continuum of care. These therapy and education care plans focus on regaining physical mobility, strength, endurance and the skills needed for everyday life.

Our therapists also are post of the University of Pennsylvania's Huntington's Disease Clinic, which is recognized as a HDSA Center of Excellence by the Huntington's Disease Society of America for providing elite multidisciplinary approach to Huntington's Disease care and research. There are only 41 HDSA Centers of Excellence in the United States.

Experienced neurosciences therapists treat a range of specific diagnoses, including (but not limited to):

In addition to many years of clinical experience working with the neurologic population, our therapists hold numerous specialized certifications including:

  • Academy of Certified Brain Injury Specialists
  • ABPTS Board-Certified Clinical Specialist in Neurology
  • APTA/Emory University Certificate of Competency in Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • RESNA Certified Assistive Technology Practitioner
  • VitalStim® Certification

Our outpatient neurosciences therapy program is available at the following Penn Therapy & Fitness locations:

Looking for inpatient rehabilitation? Click here to learn more about neuroscience programs at Penn Rehab, which include Brain Injury, Spinal Cord System of Care and Stroke.