Stroke Specialty Inpatient Physical Rehabilitation Program

Each year, stroke affects millions of Americans, and can be a challenging experience for survivors and families. A person’s functional limitations after stroke can range from mild to severe. Rehabilitation is a critical part of recovery. Our team of stroke rehabilitation experts partner with you to return you to your most productive, rewarding lifestyle.

The Stroke Specialty Program is a fully accredited Stroke Specialty Program by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Who can benefit from our program?

Strokes can have a major impact on an individual’s physical, emotional, work and personal lives. Our stroke physical rehabilitation program provides a comprehensive array of therapies including physical, occupational, speech and recreational therapies.

Our patients are beginning to respond to their environments and are on the road to recovery from conditions related to stroke such as:

  • Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM)
  • Brain Aneurysm
  • Brain Stem Stroke
  • Cerebral Vascular Attack (CVA)
  • Hemorrhagic Stroke
  • Ischemic Stroke
  • Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)

Our team of stroke specialists will also educate you on ways to help prevent recurrent stroke, including how to reduce risk factors like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and physical inactivity. Monthly support groups for current and former patients offer an additional opportunity to share information and learn with others who face similar life challenges.

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