Women's Health Residency Program

Accelerate your professional development by participating in the Good Shepherd Penn Partners Women’s Health Residency Program. Join our Pelvic Floor and Lymphedema teams to work in a stimulating environment as you gain advanced knowledge and skills in Women’s Health Physical Therapy.

Residency Structure:

  • 50 week program (to be completed by maximum of 56 weeks)
  • 35 hours / week of patient care and 10 hours / week of 1:1 mentorship and didactic education in Women’s Health including both Pelvic Floor and Lymphedema Therapy
  • Exposure to Special Interest Groups – Spine, Pelvic Floor, Lymphedema, Orthopedics
  • Exposure to clinical observation of different specialty areas such as Breast Surgery, GynOnc Rounds, Spine Center, Pain Center, Psychology, Urogynecology, and Colorectal Surgery
  • Opportunity for mentorship from a variety of therapists with diverse backgrounds and experience in Women’s Health; faculty consists of approximately 20 therapists
  • Completion of LANA approved Certified Lymphedema Therapist course 
  • During the Residency Program, the Residents are employees of Good Shepherd Penn Partners and offered all the same benefits as employees

Application and Selection Process

Good Shepherd Penn Partners currently utilizes RF-PTCAS to apply to our residency programs. Please visit this link to complete the online application.

Applications are due by February 28. The 50 week Residency Program begins on the orientation date closest to September 1 upon acceptance to the program.

The Residency Admissions Committee consisting of the Residency Coordinator, Faculty, Specialty Area Team Leader and Site Manager will review applications.

Criteria assessed include:

  • Academic education
  • Clinical education and mentoring experiences
  • Clinical experience in the specialty area
  • Research experience
  • Community service
  • Advocacy of the profession

Residents selected to the program must:

  • Have a valid and permanent Pennsylvania Physical Therapy License in good standing
  • Complete a Good Shepherd Penn Partners application for employment

Applications are due by February 28th. Qualifying candidates will be selected for an interview with members of the Residency Admissions Committee throughout March. 

Desirable candidates will have evidence of the following:

  • Experience in outpatient physical therapy in the specialty area
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills Strong fundamentals in the principles of clinical reasoning and the application of manual examination and treatment procedures
  • Basic knowledge of the description of specialty practice and genuine desire to advance skills in the specialty area

Student Responsibilities

Medical Verification Form Students will NOT be allowed to start an affiliation without proof of medical status. All students are required to have a completed medical verification form prior to starting the affiliation. Other documentation forms can be used; however all requested information must be provided.

Medical Insurance

  • All students are required to have medical insurance coverage.

CPR Certification

  • Students will NOT be allowed to start an affiliation without proof of CPR certification. All students must provide current CPR certification on the first day of the affiliation. This certification must be valid throughout the affiliation. It is the responsibility of the student to maintain this certification.

Pre-affiliation Worksheet

  • “Pre-affiliation Worksheet” on the first day of the affiliation. This worksheet is sent to each student as part of the “Pre-affiliation Welcome Packet”. Prior to beginning the affiliation we recommend that students reflect on the following: past learning experiences, preferred learning style and key learning objectives to achieve during the affiliation. This will be reviewed with the student in greater detail during the meeting with the CI/FI. A “Recommended Reading List” may be sent to the student prior to beginning the affiliation. We expect students to read the articles prior to beginning the affiliation.
  • The CI/FI can help answer any questions that may result from the readings. Schedules GSPP Penn Therapy and Fitness sites have variable hours; these should be discussed with the CCCE on the phone or during the first day at the clinical site. The outpatient operating hours are typically Monday through Thursday, 7AM-7PM and Friday 7AM-6PM. HUP and PPMC inpatient hours are typically 8:30 – 5:00. Inpatient staff participate in weekend coverage.
  • Students are also expected to provide weekend coverage and will be given a work week adjustment day in exchange for the weekend worked. PAH hours can be anywhere from 7 AM – 7 PM depending on the rotation you are assigned. We typically do not have our students work weekend hours. Only inpatient staff participate in weekend coverage.


  • On the first day of the affiliation, the student will report to the CCCE at the appropriate site for orientation and a tour of the facilities. Following orientation and a review of expectations for the affiliation, the student will be taken to the supervising CI/FI in the assigned area. The CI/FI will orient the student to the policies and procedures of the unit. 8 Time Off Time off is discouraged. At the discretion of the CCCE, and in accordance with school policy, time off may be allowed. Generally one interview day is allotted during the student’s final affiliation provided that the goals of the affiliation are being met.

Sick Time

  • Sick time will be granted for student illness. At the discretion of the CI/FI and the CCCE, a student may be required to make-up lost time due to sickness. In times of illness, students are expected to call the CCCE by 7:00 am using the appropriate voice mail number. The CI/FI should be contacted to discuss coverage issues. If students are absent for three days or more, they are required to bring a doctor’s note indicating medical clearance for return to work.

Professional Behavior

  • Students are expected to abide by the AOTA/APTA/ASHA Code of Ethics and the GSPP Policy and Procedure manual. In-services/Projects All students are required to give a presentation or complete a project during the course of the affiliation. Topics/projects should pertain to the area of affiliation unless discussed and approved by the CI/FI/CCCE. Students are required to gain approval for the topic/project from the CI/FI/CCCE to avoid duplication of previous efforts.


  • The CI/FI will be responsible for the evaluation process and completion of forms. At the beginning of the affiliation, the student should familiarize him or herself with assessment tools to understand the criteria being used for evaluation. Students are required to complete a self-evaluation of their own performance at both mid term and final. A copy of the same form the CI/FI completes is used for this purpose. When reviewing the student’s progress at the midterm and final, the CI/FI and student should review both forms simultaneously. Students and CI/FI’s are encouraged to maintain a reflective log/journal on a daily basis. This will facilitate completion of the evaluation tools at the appropriate times. At the end of the affiliation, students are also responsible for completing a “Clinical/Fieldwork Instructor Feedback Form” and “Hospital Evaluation Form”. These will be reviewed with the CI/FI after the student’s departure and prior to being sent to the school. These documents do not impact the rating for the students’ evaluations. We ask that students provide honest, constructive feedback so that we may continually improve our program

 Dress Code

  • All personnel are to be neat and clean in grooming and general attire. All articles of clothing are acceptable except the following: hats, sleeveless shirts (unless worn under a lab coat), tank tops, t-shirts, denim jeans of any color, open-toe-footwear, skirts/dresses/shorts without full coverage of legs by stockings or socks. Expect to wear a white lab coat while working in the hospital. If there is a question regarding the appropriateness of clothing, the final decision will be made at the discretion of the CI/FI and the CCCE. PAH and Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse impatient staff typically wear 9 powder blue scrubs, although professional attire is also accepted. Scrubs are not provided by Good Shepherd Penn Partners for students.


  • Good Shepherd Penn Partners does not provide a stipend for affiliating students.

For more information regarding our residency program please contact:

Lisa Sator PT, DPT, CLT

Women’s Health Residency Coordinator

Lymphedema & Pelvic Floor

Penn Therapy & Fitness Pennsylvania Hospital

330 S. 9th St. Philadelphia, PA 19107

Office: 215.829.5019

Fax: 215.829.3384

Email: Lisa.Sator@uphs.upenn.edu