Virtual Therapy Helps Patient with Frozen Shoulder

Jeff Blackey was experiencing increased shoulder pain and immobility over the past few months. The 54-year-old resident of Center City Philadelphia was concerned because he had a very active lifestyle and was not used to having limitations.

Once Jeff was unable to lift his left shoulder and arm, he scheduled a visit with his doctor. Because the visit was virtual due to COVID-19, his doctor could not be certain of a diagnosis. Jeff went for an x-ray, which confirmed he was suffering from a frozen left shoulder. He started physical therapy at Penn Therapy & Fitness immediately using telehealth technology.

“I was concerned,” says Jeff. “I wasn’t sure how I could get the same results from a virtual therapy session versus an in-person visit.”

Jeff began telehealth therapy with Molly Dang, PT, DPT, OCS, and immediately saw progress with his shoulder. Molly helped Jeff get creative with his treatment plan, telling him to grab objects around his house to assist with his exercises.

“I was using things like a broom and Swiffer for exercises and the doorway for stretching,” Jeff says. “It was a highly creative way to help me, and I was so impressed.”

Jeff was in the midst of moving and noted that his therapy sessions still fit into his schedule easily, even with an ongoing global pandemic.

“The scheduling flexibility and no drive time to factor in was amazing,” Jeff says. “On top of that, Penn Therapy & Fitness told me if I wasn’t seeing the benefits of virtual therapy, I could switch to on-site visits.”

Without physical therapy, Jeff says simple tasks like putting on deodorant or stretching his arm out of his car to use his parking pass would not be possible.

Jeff continues to do virtual physical therapy and make tremendous progress with his frozen shoulder.

"If you're considering telehealth physical therapy as an option, absolutely try it," says Jeff.

Telehealth visits are available at Good Shepherd Penn Partners for physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy. Request your virtual or in-person appointment online or call 877.969.7342. Once a telehealth appointment is set, Good Shepherd Penn Partners will provide you with videoconferencing login information.