Nursing Clinical Excellence Awards

Please join us in recognizing our nursing staff who have been named recipients of the 2020 Annual University of Pennsylvania Health System Nursing Clinical Excellence Awards. The winners were selected by the Clinical Advancement and Recognition Committee at Penn Medicine Rittenhouse based upon nominations submitted by their colleagues and managers.

Dianne Lanham Award for Leadership Winner

Jijomon Joseph, BSN: Penn Rehab

The Dianne Lanham Award recognizes the importance of leadership competencies as a component of nursing practice at the point of direct care. Leadership is exemplified by the nurse’s ability to serve as a change agent and by exhibiting excellent professional interpersonal relations.

Rosalyn J. Watts Award for Community/Patient/Family Relationships Winner

Tanisha Davis, BSN: The Specialty Hospital at Rittenhouse

The Rosalyn J. Watts Award acknowledges nurses who improve the lives of those in need through selfless, courageous, creative and compassionate acts.

The nurse forms therapeutic relationships with patients, their families and the community, which supports a culture that values diversity and promotes inclusion.

Helen McClelland Award for Research and Innovation Winner

Donna Boyd, BSN, RN: Penn Rehab

The Helen McClelland Award is given to nurses that exhibit an attitude of clinical inquiry that integrates evaluation and utilizes research and/or the evidence based practice process, in the delivery of patient care. The nurse is committed to the development of innovative strategies to provide best practices.

Lillian Brunner Award for Exemplary Practice Winner

Ife Johnson, BSN, RN, WCC: The Specialty Hospital at Rittenhouse

The Lillian Brunner Award is given to nurses who demonstrate the highest quality of patient care and influence peers to enhance their nursing practice by acting as a role model resulting in improved quality patient care.

The nurse sees the “big picture” while collaborating with an interprofessional team to establish appropriate outcomes. The nurse links initiatives/projects to Penn Medicine Quality Blueprint Imperatives.

Victoria L. Rich Award for Transformational Leadership Winner

Ann Morace, MSN, RN, CRRN, CBIS, Infection Preventionist: GSPP

The Victoria L. Rich Award for Transformational Leadership is awarded to an exceptional nurse leader at Penn Medicine that inspires, motivates and influences others to improve patient care and fosters a culture of organizational excellence. This nurse leader combines scientific knowledge, best practices, compassion and the most advanced technology to solve complex system-wide problems.

Please take a moment to congratulate these nurses for providing such excellent patient care.