Becoming a Certified Rock Steady Boxing Coach

Penn Therapy & Fitness is proud to provide Rock Steady Boxing at our Conshohocken and Pennsylvania Hospital locations. Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact boxing exercise program that promotes fitness and function in patients with Parkinson’s disease. Our Rock Steady-certified physical therapists lead one-on-one sessions and group classes that include training with boxing equipment such as speed/heavy bags, heavy/jump ropes, gloves and focus mitts. In addition to providing fitness, the program has been shown to improve confidence, quality of life and energy levels for individuals living with Parkinson’s disease.

In October 2018, our Conshohocken location began offering classes at their site, bringing another level of care to patients living with Parkinson’s disease. Jory Davis, PT, DPT, shares her personal experience of becoming a Certified Rock Steady Boxing coach.

It is hard to explain in words the feeling that you get when you are surrounded by a group of people where their passion is tangible. This is the experience I had when I went for training to become a Rock Steady Boxing coach. I was surrounded by people with Parkinson's disease who gathered together for a boxing class. The comradery was remarkable

As I watched participants box on the heavy bags, I noticed that at least two participants had the Rock Steady Boxing logo tattooed on their bodies. It was in this moment that I realized, this was not just an ordinary fitness class, but something much larger - it was a movement

Rock Steady Boxing has served to bridge the gap for people with Parkinson's disease who have finished physical therapy and are looking for an exercise regime specific to their needs. The class has become a close knit, non-judgment group that is always welcoming to new members.

Week after week, I hear participants commenting, "I sleep like a baby after boxing class" and "I always feel so much better after completing the Rock Steady Boxing Class”. It is truly inspiring to work with a group of dedicated people who have chosen to fight back against Parkinson's disease.


About the Therapist:

Jory Davis, PT, DPT earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a double minor in Dance & Biological Anthropology from The George Washington University in 2008, and received her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Neumann University in 2014. Jory has clinical experience in acute care, intensive cardiopulmonary care, geriatrics and outpatient orthopedics. She is a certified LSVT BIG trainer and has an Advanced Parkinson’s disease Treatment Certification.