2018 Walk to Stamp Out Parkinson’s


On Saturday, October 13th, join us as we support our community partner, The Parkinson's Council, for the annual “A Walk to Stamp Out Parkinson’s”  event! This event will be held and celebrated once again at America’s first Zoo, the Philadelphia Zoo!

From start to finish, A Walk to Stamp Out Parkinson’s is all about community. We are inspired by stories of individuals who come together each year to support loved ones, friends, neighbors, and colleagues as they fight Parkinson’s disease. The walk is their gift to make life full of opportunities and options for those impacted by Parkinson’s. The Parkinson Council is so grateful for the donors, partners, and volunteers who sustain this work.


Date: October 13

Time: 7:30 am - 9:15 am

Cost: $45

Click here to register today or to make a donation!