Dr. Frank Caldera receives well-deserved election to the Academy of Master Clinicians at Penn Medicine.

Dr. Frank Caldera recently received his well-deserved election to the Academy of Master Clinicians at Penn Medicine.

The highest honor that can be bestowed on a Penn physician, the Master Clinician designation recognizes those who demonstrate outstanding clinical excellence, humanism and professionalism. In making its selection, the Academy considers clinicians from every entity at Penn Medicine, and all of us at GSPP are so proud to have Dr. Caldera receive this prestigious and well-deserved honor.

Dr. Caldera currently serves as the Vice Chair of Clinical Operations for the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and is Chief Medical Officer of the Penn Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine (PIRM).

Dr. Timothy Dillingham, Chairman of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, applauds the innovative work that Dr. Caldera has led throughout the pandemic to help his department and GSPP provide needed patient care.

Specifically, he credits Dr. Caldera with:

  • Helping open a post-COVID unit to care for patients needing inpatient rehabilitation and serving as primary attending
  • Starting a post-COVID follow-up outpatient service in partnership with Pulmonary Medicine and Dr. Abramoff that utilized telemedicine to help patients get care to minimize pain, maximize function and improve activities of daily living
  • Partnering with our therapists to utilize telemedicine and provide in-person care at the most convenient outpatient site, especially early in the pandemic when elective outpatient care at Penn was curtailed

“The pandemic challenged us all in many ways,” says Dr. Dillingham. “Dr. Caldera’s outstanding clinical abilities and leadership effectiveness was instrumental in getting our department and GSPP successfully through this turmoil. It demonstrated to me that Dr. Caldera is a ‘go to’ master clinician and solid leader."