Outpatient Programs

Your life is worth Penn Therapy & Fitness. Here, you’ll receive state-of-the-art outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy from quality, compassionate therapists, all within the Penn Medicine continuum of care.

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Our patients come from all walks of life, and may be experiencing a wide variety of medical conditions, which is why we offer comprehensive services that include the following:


Patients who benefit from our neurosciences program may be living with a brain injury or other neurologic disorders.

Speech and Swallowing

Patients who benefit from our speech and swallowing rehabilitation program may be living with swallowing disorders, vocal dysfunction, speech-language impairments, nodules, stuttering or vocal pathologies.


Patients who benefit from our musculoskeletal physical rehabilitation program may have significant loss of function to two or more extremities, have suffered a major orthopedic trauma, have undergone major joint replacement, have an autoimmune or related systemic condition or other orthopedic diagnoses.

Cancer Rehabilitation

Patients who benefit from our cancer physical program have complications or conditions associated with their cancer or as a result of their cancer treatment.

Specialty Services

Patients who benefit from our specialty services rehabilitation program range from a wide number of conditions including pelvic floor disorders, TMD, and others that require specialized treatment by certified clinicians.

Technology Assistive Programs


Patients who benefit from the use our technological focused based therapy programs including a wide range of conditions including orthopaedics, neurology, and balance.

Penn Therapy & Fitness can provide physical rehabilitation for conditions including: