Amputation Specialty Program


In the United States, there are currently 1.7 million living with limb loss. This overwhelming experience represents a dramatic change in your lifestyle and support systems, and we’re here to help you create manageable goals to return to the life you want to lead.Our amputee care program provides patients recovering from limb loss with individualized treatment plans led by a team of compassionate physicians.

The Amputee Inpatient Program is a fully accredited Amputee Inpatient Rehabilitation Program by the Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities.

Who can benefit from our program?

Loss of a limb can become a major focus of your physical, emotional, work and personal life. As you adjust to a limb loss you will find compassionate, advanced care at Penn Rehab. Patients are recovering from a variety of types of limb loss, and may require wound healing, concentrated therapy, pre-prosthetic needs, pain control, renal dialysis or other services.

Our patients are beginning to respond to their environments and are on the road to recovery from conditions such as:

  • Above knee amputation
  • Below knee amputation
  • Toe/foot amputation
  • Arm/hand amputation
  • Hemipelvectomy
  • Prosthetic training
  • Congenital or acquired injury

What to expect

Pain management is another major factor that can significantly impact recovery. Residual limb pain as well as phantom pain can be complex and confusing, but both are very real.  Our clinicians collaborate with your surgical teams to tailor your individual needs. Throughout treatment, your family or support system is an integral part of rehabilitation. You, your family and your medical team collaborate to create the rehab goals and plan for a successful.

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